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Monday, June 11, 2012

Catching People Doing Things Right

It seems that much of my time is spent putting out fires.  When I can remember to just walk away from the numerous e-mails and issues of the day and round for purpose one of the best parts is seeing the good work that is going on. 

Many leaders round with an eye toward what is wrong in the workplace.  That is a responsibility of every leader.  However, a major opportunity is missed when we fail to Reward and Recognize excellent performance.  As leaders we can leverage excellence by calling it as we see it and letting our team members know that we appreciate them.

I like to round like Quint Studer suggests.  Round for Outcomes.  Seek out the High Performers and spend time with them.  Remember, your time = love to your employees, just like to your kids.  Low performers tend to eat up time, but you can change that.  The High Performers deserve your time.  Talk to them, see what is going well, what needs to be changed, what systems need improving, then thank them and walk away leaving the low performers wondering why you didn't ask them. 

Here are favorite ways to reward and recognize:
  1. Send a personal note to the employees home.  E-mails just don't have the same impact.
  2. Give movie tickets or dinner tickets to teams that perform well.
  3. List people in a newsletter who the managers harvested from rounding that are very helpful, or even let team members nominate each other for being helpful or for service excellence.
  4. Post comment cards from customers.


  • Reward and Recognition does not have to blow the budget.
  • None of us get recognized enough for our contributions.
Rounding for Outcomes:  http://www.studergroup.com/newsletter/Vol1_Issue1/roundingforoutcomes.htm

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